Monday, January 26, 2009

Potty Training My Runway Model

Bella recently started this new pose when we ask her to say "Cheese" for the camera. One time I tried to imitate her and I put both my hands on my hips and said cheese. She quickly fixed me, "No Mom... like this... not both hands" and place one hand on her hip. As many of you know Bella has this horrible habit of climbing on our counters and walking around. The other day I was making dinner and she climbed up there and started walking back and forth like a runway. At each end she stopped to pose and said "cheese" with her hand on her hip. I laughed so hard... she is such a girl!


And on another note, Bella is finally wearing underwear! She will be 3 in April and Doug and I just had enough of the double diaper changing. Especially on Bella because she is so big. She was ready the last couple months, I was just too lazy to do it. She started the whole process straight to underwear last Wednesday. Wednesday had 4 accidents, Thursday had 2 accidents, Saturday had 2 accidents, and yesterday had no accidents. She's doing great! We're so proud of her. She's pretty dang proud of herself too. When she sits down to go pee and knows it's coming or hears it she grins from ear to ear. Such a big girl now!


Elam's said...

That is so cute! and Yay for potty training! we're working on our Adi - though she is just too darned lazy!

Trina said...

That sounds so cute. You need to get some video of it, so she'll be able to laugh at it when she is older.

The Jones Family said...

HAHAHA oh my gosh she sounds like how my daugher will be :) (if my daughter is anything like me) I was Top Model all the time and I'm sure my girls will pick up on stuff like that. LOVE IT. so cute!

Tonia said...

She is so much like Brooklyn. Brooklyn just started doing that same pose a week ago and she also loves to climb up the counter and walk around. However, I don't see it as a horrible habit. I actually like it-she can then get whatever she needs and not holler for me! Yay for the panties!!!