Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Morning

Isaac had fun sorting the presents this year (finally knowing how to read everyone's names)
Isaac was so excited to get his very own laptop computer to play games on

Bella was just as excited about her Barbie computer

I almost didn't get Carter anything this year because he is so little and we already have all the big baby items. But I decided that wouldn't be fair to him looking back at pictures one day of his first Christmas... here we are after opening a "tummy time" (which actually has come in very handy latley).

This was one of Bella's favorite gifts. She wouldn't even put it down for the photo. For the first few days after Christmas she would sit at our kitchen counter in the barstool putting on her "make up" and doing her nails.


The Jones Family said...

Aww I can't wait to celebrate Christmas with kids! it's gonna be 10x more fun! I love to see how excited they are about the gifts! BTW, your house is so gorgeous!! I'm so jealous! I miss my house! :(