Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Public Weight Loss Journey

First I must start with sharing this poem that I read in my January MOPS newsletter. This is so me...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
T'was the month after Christmas, and all through the house,
nothing would fit me, not even a blouse;
The cookies I'd nibbled, the eggnog I had to taste,
at the holiday parties has now gone to my waiste.
When I got on the scales there arose such a number!
When I walked to the store (less a walk than a lumber),
I remembered the marvelous meals I'd prepared,
The gravies and sauces and beef nicely rared;
The wine and the rum balls; the bread and the cheese,
and the way I'd never said, "No thank you, please."
As I dressed myself in my husband's old shirt,
and prepared once again to do battle with dirt,
I said to myself, as only I can,
"You can't spend a winter disguesed as a man!"
So, away with the last of the sour cream dip.
Get rid of the fruitcake, every cracker and chip.
Every last bit of food that I like must be banished,
'til all the additional ounces have vanished.
I won't have a cookie--not even a lick.
I'll want only to chew on a long celery stick.
I won't have hot biscuits, or corn bread, or pie,
I'll munch on a carrot and quietly cry.
I'm hungry, I'm lonesome, and life is a bore,
But isn't that what January is for?
Unable to giggle, no longer a riot.
Happy New Year to all and to all a good diet!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Oh how true that poem is for me... even down to the "husband's old shirt" part. I want to be cute again! I want to wear my pre pregnancy clothes again. Better yet I'd love to wear my pre marriage clothes again (but I'll settle for the first one).
I've never been good at losing weight, working out, staying fit, and eating right. I've always given up and never followed through. I'm embarrassed now that I've let myself go so much. For some people, my weight may be perfect for them... but knowing what I once was and what I am now... well, I just know I can do better, look better, be healthier, and get back to the shape that makes me happy inside and out. I know, I know... I just had a baby! However, that baby was born over 9 weeks ago. Time to kick my butt into gear. I figured the best way for me to do this (for the 3rd time) was to make it public here on the blog. Yes, embarrassing... but at this point I'm willing to try anything.
So here's my weight history:
Pre Marriage: 119 pounds
Pre Isaac: 122 pounds
Gained 47 pounds with pregnacy
Pre Bella: 147 pounds
Gained 56 pounds with pregnancy
Did Weight Watchers and lost 19 extra pounds
Pre Carter: 152 pounds
Gained 48 pounds with pregnancy
Current Weight: 181 pounds
SHORT TERM GOAL: 150 pounds
LONG TERM GOAL: 130 pounds
My weakness is junk food. Chocolates, candies, chips, pie, cake, brownies, fast food, etc. I'm a bored snacker... meaning I just snack and snack and snack when I'm bored and not on healthy food. So this weight is never going to come off unless I do something about it. Wish me luck on this journey... I hope that I can blog with positive, but I'm sure there will be negative moments along the way as well. The past is what the past is... and tomorrow is a new day!


Court said...

Tenille you are not alone! I am in the same boat and will share my embarassment with you so you're not alone...maybe this will help me too! I have been faking it for so long and I told Chuck today that I did not want to spend another summer overweight so here I go...I'm going to admit it...

Senior semester of college (2005): 162 lbs

Coming home from working @ Disneyworld (May 2006): apx. 185 lbs.

Wedding Day: 210 lbs.

Current weight: 253-255 (that's the size of a football player!)

Short Term Goal: 180 lbs.
Long Term Goal: 160 lbs.

*Sigh* You can do this, and so can I! Maybe we could email once a week (or anytime you need help)with our progress...I need a little support!

Tenille said...

Heck ya! I love the support system idea Court. Thank you!!! I know you can do it too. Thank you so much... you should look into Weight Watchers. I'm totally going to do that again because I was losing about 4 pounds a week when I did it before. That was without fitness too. Okay... so starting tomorrow right? I plan on checking in "on the blog" or whatnot once a week. So best of luck!

The Dalton Family said...

Oh Tenille you can do it. I'm with you on that. Its only been 4 weeks since Jackson was born but already I look at myself in the mirror and think, OMG I need to lose weight. Luckily I have free access to the army base gym. I can't wait to see your progress. Good Luck girl and I know you can do it.

Tonia said...

You're awesome Tenille! I am a bored snacker too-just like you. Do you have a plan? Are you full on doing Weight Watchers (meetings, etc.) or just trying to remember what you did last time?

Court said...

Okay Tenille! Here we go!

Tenille said...

Yea, I'm going to do Weight Watchers. It worked so good for me last time. I wasn't even fully comitted then either, but this time I am. The thought of paying for the meetings sucks... I was a lifetime member before but now that I'm past my "then goal weight of 150" I would have to start paying again. So I'm doing it on my own for a little while. So far so good. Did you see my little weight loss ticker on the sidebar?

Naomi said...

I am also in the same boat as you. I gained about 65 pounds with Lincoln! I have been putting off trying to lose weight, but it is frustrating because I also do not fit into any of my clothes...still, and it has been 5 months. Hopefully I will get motivated soon as well. I'm anticipating warm weather.

Kristin said...

I know that you'll do just fine losing the weight. I've seen your determination before with losing weight after a pregnancy and you did great. Would Doug be cool with you getting some type of work-out equipment? I have those FUN videos that you could work-out to if you'd like to wipe the dust off of them. I'd offer to do those together but that would be weird.