Friday, June 27, 2008

Away from the Blogging world

Hello Blog readers- it's been awhile since my last post. Things have been crazy lately. Our internet was down for a few days and before that we went on a little vacation with the kids to Kings Island in Ohio. We had a blast and the kids just loved every bit of it (except of course the 5 hour drive). I'll be sure to post pictures soon of that little trip. For now words will have to do.

I officially hit the half way mark and am now 20 weeks pregnant! Carter is doing great. He loves to wiggle and squirm so much at night time. Maybe because that is the time of day I seem to eat my sweet treats or junk food... I lied- I eat that all day. My tummy continues to grow and clothes are finally looking "pregnant cute". I've been so exhausted and lazy in the last few weeks. All I want to do is SLEEP... which is absolutley impossible with a 4 year old and 2 year old. The nesting phase has barily started to set in. I've been working on landscaping and soon hope to work on the home decor of our upper level.
There's not really much else to update on. I feel like there is a giant pregnancy club right now though. The list just continues to grow: AnnMarie (32 weeks), Rachael (22 weeks), Myself (20 weeks), Emily C. (20 weeks), Talia (7 weeks), and now another great friend Elissa joins the club. Congratulations to all the fellow prego's out there!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's a BOY!!!

The baby is a boy! Little Carter Douglas will be his name. The ultrasound put his growth about 2 days ahead of the the original due date (13th) and they are now considering the due date to be the 11th. However- our little Bella was 5 days late so I definetly will not be holding my breath when the 11th rolls around. We are most definetly excited to be welcoming another son into our family. Isaac is psyched that he finally will have a little brother. He says that he is going to teach him how to be a power ranger and show him how to wrestle with dad. Bella isn't really phased by the news- she just knows there's still a little baby in my tummy.
The ultrasound was quite interesting. I was so sad that I had to crank my head to attempt to see the screen. We had quite an oddball for an ultrasound tech. She barily said a word which made the ultrasound seem to last forever. At one point I heard her say something under her breath. "What was that?" I asked. She replied "It looks like a boy." Kinda lost the excitement the way it came out... but of course we are ecstatic about another son. Doug then stated "I told you so... should've listened to me all along." Then ultrasound tech "Well don't hold me to it, I'm only pretty sure." She then went on to say how the umbilical cord was right by the pelvis area so what she saw could have been that. She spent what seemed like another 20 minutes trying to shake my belly to get him to move. He just stayed in a squatting position and every once in ahile would lift his arms or turn his head but that was it. So she told us to ask our doctor if we needed another ultrasound. Then she printed out the photos and thankfully that moment she mumbled boy under her breath she had clicked a photo. So we have a great photo of our little guy baring all is male parts.
For those of you who don't know I also have 2 sister in laws pregnant. The first is AnnMarie and she is due this August with a son (that makes 4 boys and 1 girl for them). The other is Rachael who is only due 2 weeks before me. She was able to get her ultrasound the same day in the morning and discovered they will be welcoming another daughter (that will make 3 girls and one boy). All this exciting baby news in the Norton Family... now the question is will anyone on the Mapley side join in on the fun? Tonia- I think you are all that is left....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Love & Attitude

They really do love eachother! I must share that the majority of my days consists of these words "Isaac- quite aggravating your sister", "Isaac- be nice to your sister, quit making her cry", "Bella- don't pull Isaac's hair", "Bella- no biting!"... and I could go on and on and on. For some weird reason, my kids LOVE to fight. It is very very rare for them to actually happily play together more then 10 minutes. One of them always ends up in tears. So just last week I decided to try and capture them during the best time of day- the morning. This is when they love eachother. This special time only lasts roughly an hour or so (if I'm lucky). I was so excited when I captured this cute picture. Although they are in their goofy pj's... they are smiling, arms around eachother, and simply look happy to have each other. I love it!

Now is the "attitude". This is the look we get to see when Bella does not like what we tell her to do. Sometimes we can also get her to give this look on command by saying "Bella, where's your mean face?" This is only half of the face... usually it's much worse. But finally caught on camera for all to see.