Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Forgotten Blog....

At least once a week I think to myself: I should update my blog. My sister Trina is often reminding me that I need to update as well and I keep making promises (and unfortunatley not following through with them). I'm not sure why either... it's not like my life is crazy hectic and busy. At first that was my excuse until I read my other sisters blog... about soccer... practices and games 7 days a week, 7 different teams for her 5 kids, 14 or more games a week.... AND she still finds time for the gym, AND time to update her blog. What the???

So... here I am, trying... if Tonia can do it, then so can I.

I have SO SO SO many pictures I could post on here from the entire summer (which has been how long its been... an entire summer). I may add some through a slide show, we shall see. In the mean time, this is my update (pictures to come at a later date)

Isaac is officially a Kindergardener. Although he could pass for 1st or 2nd grade with his height. He's a smart kid that could totally be in 1st grade right now... so far the papers that are coming home are looking JUST like E5. C'mon, he already knows his numbers, colors, and alphabet... teach my kid some math or to read! Guess I may have to do that end of it all at home. Anyhow... Isaac turns 6 this month. He has requested to have an Army party (mostly becuase of his awesome Uncle Eric who served many years in the army as a pilot). He tells everyone about that! I just bought him an army pilot costume and so far, he's been wanting to wear it everywhere. No sports this semester... too young for local football teams, and soccer... well he's still not old enough to play on the "teams" instead he would have to join Little Kickers again and just practice. Which he refuses to do because he wants the competition. We'll start back up with wrestling and baseball in the spring.

Bella just started her first year of preschool and LOVES it! She tells everyone that she is going to Isaac's preschool. She also loves to add "I go all by myself". Her favorite part is the painting... every day there is a painting project hanging up from Bella. Maybe a future artists on my hands. I was going to sign her up for dance but procrastinated way too long. Guess I'll wait til next year. In January she'll start swimming and gymnastics again. She spends most of days walking aroudn the house dancing and singing. She loves them both so much... especially the singing.

Carter will be one in November and I can hardly believe it. He's crawling around like crazy and pulling himself up on everything. Just the other day there was a tall toy in the middle of the living room so he pulled himself up on it and then proceeded to let go and stand there shaking his hands so excited that he was standing on his own... only to fall down on his bum. Soon enough my little guy will be walking. So sad! Carter is a mama's boy... LOVES HIS MAMA. Refuses bottles, but LOVES table food. Eats practically anything you put in front of him. Finally drinks from a sippee cup and on his own too. So that is a nice relief. He's a big baby... last check up (a few weeks back) he weighed in at 24 pounds and was (I think) 27 and half inches... althought that 27 sounds weird. Anyhow, he's my little snuggle baby and loves to snuggle me... I love it and savor it as much as I can.

Wow, this update could go on and on and on... for now, that's it. I'll try to add pictures soon. TRY being the main word.