Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Wanna Go Home!

Once again there are no photos to this post (sorry to the photo lovers!). I am using Doug's laptop which is about 10 times faster then our home computer- just don't have the photos I want to use uploaded to his computer. I have to share a cute little moment with those of you who were not with us on the 4th of July. This year we had a fun laid back Independence Day holiday with the Mapley side. We decided to watch the fireworks front and center at the high school they are annually lit from. We managed to get front row parking spots and seats by being "extremely" early. We were so close we could actually watch the people lighting the fireworks from the ground with flares. It was pretty cool and I think everyone we went with enjoyed the evening... other then one little girl.
That would happen to be Bella. For the 3 hours prior to the fireworks she had a blast. She ran around with the other kids, played on Grandma's lap, ate ice cream and other snacks and just seemed to enjoy the moment. That is until the first boom took place (this was still daylight and was simply a dud). Our little Bella freaked out.... started crying and ran to the nearest lap. She calmed down pretty quickly after that and was okay again. However, when the real show started the real tears appeared. Poor little Bella clung to me with every muscle she had. Her lip pouted, her eyes dripped with tears, and she kept calling out these cute yet sad phrases:
"I wanna go home!"
"I'm ready for bed."
"I need my binkie."
Finally I gave in and popped her binkie her mouth (yes, I know... she is way too old for that). But it soothed her and she sat quietly in my lap (head half burried in my chest) for the last 15-20 minutes of the show. When all was said and done and we were waiting in the car to pull out of the parking lot Isaac asked her a question which I failed to hear. But I did catch her reply "Fireworks were going to get me." "Fireworks were scary." "Fireworks were going to get my head." I just don't remember her being as freaked out last year... she does not like any loud noises though. She cries when the lawn mower starts, the weed wipper, Dougs loud tools, and thunder. So it was bound to happen.
On a good note... she woke up the morning of the 5th and told me "Fireworks were pretty!" Lots of pictures to post from that holiday. I'll aim to get those posted sometime this week- but don't hold me to it! Hope everyone had a great holiday!