Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yes, it is true... I am only 16 weeks along. However the belly is already huge. I must clarify something though... half of that belly is leftover fat from my last two pregnancies and the other half is baby. Before getting pregnant I had mastered the skill of sucking in my post pregnancy fat... I looked like I had a nice flat stomach, while all along I could have let go and it would have looked disgusting. However... around week 10 or 11 of this pregnancy I was no longer able to suck in. My face would turn blue if I tried. So I just let it all hang out. The first few of those weeks were miserable because I still just looked fat, but now... it actually looks like a pregnant belly (wether it is 100% or not, I don't care because it finally looks like it!). A few more months and I will post another belly shot... be prepare though- I get huge! Oh and isn't Bella so cute... the picture was supposed to be of me, but she saw the camera and squeeled a cute little "CHEESE!" Gotta love kids.

One more exciting little tid bit... I have finally felt the baby move! It is the best feeling in the world. I questioned myself the last week or so... but now I know I am feeling the baby. Puts a smile on my face every time. Now I just can't wait for the ultrasound! Carter or Alauna... soon we will know.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bella's Swim Class

When Bella was a baby she was afraid of the water. She would cry when we'd stick her feet in. This lasted up until she was about a year old. Then we signed her up for swim classes. Since taking swim classes she has become a little water baby and loves to splash and play. This semesters class is coming to a close, so I had Aunt Kristin come and take a few pictures. She also takes a gym class just before swimming. But that is more a giant play time... she gets to run around with other kids and climb in the tunnel, go down the slide, play with bouncy balls, and walk the balance beams. I'll update those photos another day.

In order to get kids to have less fear of the water, they teach them to blow bubbles (this getting part of the face in the water). Eventually it leads to blowing "Submarine Bubbles" which is when the whole face goes in the water. Bella is working on that one, but isn't quite ready.

And lastly... the last 10 minutes of class they always let the kids pick a toy to play with. Bella always seems to pick the orange ball to play with. We usually throw it and she swims after it with my help. Practicing her "kick, kick, kick" and "reach & pull". For the most part she only does those two things in the bath time and not at swim class... little stinker.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Crazy Unexpected Exciting News!!!

For those of you who knew me as a child or a teenager, you'll understand my excitement of this news I'm about to share.Today I got a very special phone call from my dear friend Talia. I'll start by telling you a bit about Talia. We first met during elementary in 1st grade... eventually discovering we lived in the same subdivision just down the street from eachother. She quickly became my best friend. Through out elementary we had several classes together. We spent countless recesses playing together, sleepovers, birthday parties, play dates, etc. The beautiful thing is that our friendship overcame "teenage trials" and continued through out high school. When I ventured off to college in Idaho so far away from home, she was the one friend to buy her own plane ticket and come visit me. In 2002 she stood in my bridal party as one of my bridesmaids and in 2005 I received the honor of standing in her bridal party as a bridesmaid. She was there snuggling Isaac the first week of his life as well as my little Bella. Summing it up, she has been my friend for almost 20 years and we have several amazing and wonderful memories together. Now you may better understand why her phonecall was so cool today.
She just recieved a job teaching at Isaac's future elementary school and will now be Isaac's Early 5's teacher beginning this fall!!! I was totally psyched. When she started college to become a elementary teacher we always joked that maybe one day she'd teach my children... but it was always a joke. I must say that as a first time mom sending a child off to public schools I have been so nervous. And now, knowing that my friend of over 20 years will be with him every day is just so exciting and awesome... I couldn't help but to share such cool news with all of you.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Graduation Day for Isaac

We sure didn't think we'd see our little guy in a cap and gown for at least 13 years... but we all enjoyed watching him during his special Preschool graduation. So many family members were able to support him on his big day. Isaac was excited for this step into becoming a "Big Kid".

This group of boys was always quite the handful. I'm sure their teachers are pretty relieved the school year is over, much in part because of them. Isaac's best buddies in preschool: Damon, Jacob, & Judson. They were his first friends and the ones he never stopped talking about.

One funny moment I cannot forget to share: while videotaping the ceremony I was able to get a close up shot of our sweet little Isaac digging for green & yellow gold and then eating it... oh I about died! That's something I'm sure he won't be doing on his High School graduation day... let's hope not. After graduation we said farewell to classmates while eating cookies and other desserts in the gym. Then the family joined us back at our place for a grilled luncheon. Isaac recieved some special "preschool" presents from Grandma, Grandpa, and Trina. For more pictures check out the Mapley Family Website under "Norton's".

Bella's Birthday Party

Our little Bella turned two on April 9th and we were able to have a fun family party for her at Jeeper's Indoor Amusement Park. All the kids loved the rides, games, and pizza. Much more fun then hanging out at our house with crappy weather. Of course I had to throw some type of theme into her party, so Aunt Trina helped me bake a "beautiful" Princess Castle cake. That was quite fun... the hard parts I left up to Trina. Bella also enjoyed opening all her "girlie" presents: (the above picture is of shoes from Uncle James), dress up clothes, baby dolls, baby doll accessories, and much more. There are several other photos from her party you can view at the Mapley Family website under "Bella's Party".

Easter Sunday

Thanks to my WONDERFUL sister... I can post some recent photos! Starting off with Easter (yes, I know... over a month and half ago). This was actually the day we let the family know we were expecting our third baby. Obviously by the look of my tummy, I no longer cared to suck in the fat! Moving on- we were able to have a yummy Easter dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Mapley's house, where all the kids also took part in a fun easter egg hunt. Of course our two little ones were the last ones to finish, but had so much fun. No pictures to post of this; but Grandma helped all the grandkids learn how to make "resurrection rolls" and taught about the meaning of Easter. A great reminder why we celebrate that holiday and the kids wolfed down the rolls when they were finished.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last Day of Preschool

Well, Isaac is officially on "summer break". On his last day of school he had a family picnic for lunch (Aunt Kristin came). We all sat on the floor (on our blankets) in the gym and ate yummy food... while Isaac mostly ran around like a wild kid with his preschool buddies. He was excited to give his teachers (Mrs. Sturm & Miss Tindall) their thank you presents- and actually sat still long enough for a cute photo. It has been a week since his last day and much of our time has been spent at the park on bike rides and walks... those photos are yet to come. Without preschool... it's Mom & Dad's turn to do the entertaining! This should be fun...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Where's the current Pictures???

Well, let me tell you... I would LOVE to share our current updated photos for you. However, that is just my battle right now. First off, my computer is so slow and damaged it will not let me upload the ones I already have on the computer. Secondly, my digital camera broke (for the 2nd time)... wiping out yet another memory card with over 300 pictures on it. For those who don't know, this happened back in the fall... losing valuable pictures such as Isaac's first day of school, Isaac's field trips, first snow fall, 4th birthday etc. I cried- I was so upset. Now here I am over 6 months later and BAM! it happened again. More valuable pictures stuck on a memory card that I cannot access. There is a man I can take my memory cards to (who can possibly recover my lost photos)... but I'm so scared to hear the price. Doug says if it is more then the camera was... well, lets just say it won't be good. So- I apologize that there are no new or wonderful pictures on this blog. Mothers Day will be a beautiful day if I recieve what I've been praying for. I supposed you'll all just have to wait until then to see spring photos of my little family. Until then... enjoy the words without pictures.

Healthy Heartbeat!!!

This morning I went in for my regular 12 week check up. Still so nervous, so scared, so doubtful. It's amazing the emotions that run through someone who has experienced miscarriages before. So hard to get excited, so hard to feel relaxed. Of course as I enter the 2nd trimester my nerves should calm down... I hope they do. For today though- I'm feeling great. And for the first time in this pregnancy I finally felt EXCITEMENT. It's so sad that it took me this long to feel that way, almost makes me want to cry.
Today as I layed there on the table, Dr. Ritten put the doppler on my tummy and I heard the loud beating heart of my tiny little baby... it was so beautiful, so uplifting. I almost wanted to cry. I think there are many women who take for granted a healthy pregnancy, or even a pregnancy at all. I'm greatful for the miscarriages I have had... it has made my other "full term pregnancies" all the more special and all the more rewarding. I'm greatful that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with the ability to carry a child within my own womb. I would take on these emotions and complications any day, rather then not be able to have a child of my own.
I know that I am very blessed.
Today is a happy day and I just wanted to share it with those of you stopping in to check on us. Hope your day is as happy as mine.