Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Eve With The Norton's

Every Christmas Eve we celebrate with the Norton Family. This year we celebrated at Rachael's house. I always manage to capture lots of photos of the kids but never the adults. Here's a sister in law photo below of AnnMarie, myself, and Rachael. Unfortunatley the other girls (Amy, Emily, and Bonnie) were unable to make it home this year.

I also had to add this photo of Doug's mom. There's a story behind this one. Christmas Eve was just going to be a day of appetizers and snacks, but I complained on behalf of my husband (who was not present when the decision was made) saying that he would be so disappointed there wasn't a big yummy Christmas feast. I of course offered to help with much of the meals... but Doug's sweet mom took on the task of preparing an amazingly yummy mexican style dinner. She went all out, above and beyond what I had expected. Everyone was soooo thankful for all of the hardwork she put into the meal. Everyone loves Meme's cooking! Thank you!!!

Every year Papa Norton reads the nativity story out of the scriptures while the grandkids act it out. This year Bella and Isaac got to portray Mary and Joseph while our little Carter took on the role of baby Jesus.

And then came the gifts... Isaac was psyched to get more cars as well as a rug he can drive them around on. He LOVES his little vehicles.

Bella was glowing when she discovered her baby doll (that talks!) and dress up shoes.

This was one of the first times that Carter smiled at his daddy. Doug was so happy and as you can tell, Carter was happy that his daddy was holding him.


Naomi said...

I love these last two pictures of you and Doug holding Carter. He is such a cutie!!