Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ice Skating New Years Day

Carter loves to smile and of course it melts my heart every time. You can tell from the photo that my face next to the camera and not behind it. New Years Eve the older kids spent the night at my parents so this picture was taken when it was just me and Carter at home getting ready to go ice skating (Doug went shooting with family). It was so nice to have a little bonding time with him.

For New Years Day we went ice skating with Grandma, Aunt Kristin & Trina and all their kids. Bella was so excited to put the ice skates on. Just another cool pair of shoes to her. She was excited alright... that is until a little later....

This was Isaac's first time ice skating

Our local ice skating rink offers these little walker things for the kids to use to balance on. Isaac tried it a few times without, but ultimatley decided it was best to use the walker. Even with the walker he fell down on his bum a few times as you can see below... however, he still LOVED ice skating and wants to go back really bad.

Bella on the other hand... hated it. She was so excited up until the minute I put her down on the ice. Her feet started to slide and she started to scream and cry. My sister Kristin even tried to help her use the walker but she wanted nothing to do with it. The picture below is us half way around the ice (I carried her) then put her down for a picture... she just screamed. When I ask her if she wants to go ice skating she always says "NO!". Maybe one day when she's older she'll change her mind.

My mom was sweet enough to come along and help watch Carter so I could participate with the older kids on the ice. Carter did so well the entire time and just stayed all snuggled up to his Grandma.


The Jones Family said...

Hahahah!! that's so funny about Bella! Poor girl! Ice Skating can be scary when your not experienced! Looks like fun though.. and CArter is so flippin cute!!