Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ain't Happening!

Taking charge??? Ha! I really took that last post serious huh? To be quite honest I keep FORGETTING I have a blog! I actually don't think about it until I wanna get an update on my older sisters who live out of state (and seem to update their blogs religiously)... then I have to visit this little webspace covered in cobwebs. If only I could have the diligence that they have to keep this thing up. I guess I'm just not feeling any motivation to do so. So instead of making promises that I know are simply lies I'll go with this statement.... Blog updates more then likely AIN'T HAPPENING!

However for old times sake here's a little update (mostly for my sisters who may be the only ones checking this thing if at all).

1. Facebook is where you can find me just about once a day. Go there if you want to know what I'm up to.
2. If you want to see pictures, request it and keep requesting and nagging at me til I post or send them.
3. MOPS & My calling as Ward Activities Chairperson has taken over my life this month. So happy for April to be over soon!
4. Made over $350 selling some of my stuff at the M2M Sale... sad to let it go realizing no more babies for us but excited for the new stage of parenting that lies ahead (kinda excited... but mostly scared).
5. Bella had a Little Mermaid birthday party. Loves Disney Princess movies and walks around singing about princes all day. She also loves to cop a HUGE attitude and has me deathly afraid of the teenage years at only the age of 4. Yet she remains so dang cute. She's become a mommy cling on and likes to stick by my side as often as possible... even playing at the park. I secretly kinda like it. The idea of my little girl not wanting to leave my side because I'm sure one day she's going to be begging me to leave her side.
6. Isaac just started TBall and let me tell you that kid has quite a swing (and not with a t stand but with an actual pitch). I'm excited to see how far he'll go in this sport but will support him in any others he chooses. He loves to read and rushes through is work at school just so he can read with his teacher. He's still the pickiest eater alive... I'm almost certain of this. That kid is so dang smart though and I'm in awe of his amazing memory. I can tell him up to 10 things I need at the grocery store and he remembers them all! No need for pen and paper with Isaac around.
7. Doug got fired- Hallelujah! Obviously you know he didn't fire himself (as a business owner). But he was on a job from you know where... we never saw him (or I should say the kids) and it was horrible. Glad to have him home more... I'm in love. And I really don't care if you think that's corny.
8. We bought a 27 ft camping trailer... it is EXACTLY what we've been looking for, for the past 5 years! Super excited and have 4 camping trips booked for the summer as well as a trip to Palmyra with the Norton Clan.
9. I left Carter overnight for the first time EVER. Yay! What a peaceful night that was... but I LOVE my little baby and he'll always be my little baby and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to think differently about him.
10. I don't have anything for 10 but I hate uneven numbers so I still had to type it. (and yes I do realize I have 3 kids which is an odd number....)

So that's it for now. I may or may not be back on this thing anytime soon... we'll see! Enjoy what you get. However I do plan on wasting more time on Heritage Makers so you may see some of that to come.