Monday, April 13, 2009

Park Day on St. Patty's Day

St. Patrick's day was almost a month ago... however I'm just now uploading pictures! Nice weather is VERY rare where we live so we HAVE to take advantage of it when it comes. It just so happened to arrive on St. Patrick's day... the kids where so psyched they didn't have to wear coats. This was one of our first trips back to the park since the fall. They were all full of smiles!

Carter spent most of his time chillin' in his carseat. Quite content so long as he could "sit up" and play with his toys.

Three Musketeers!

The Norton sister in laws tend to have our babies in rounds (3's or 4's). Here is the most recent "round" of babies- Emily, Joshua, and Carter.

And here is another group of "Three Musketeers" getting into some mischief!

I've been meaning to upload these pics for awhile now. Bella has hit the terrible twos a little late. She has been doing VERY stinky things... and has spent allot of time in the time out. This is the most recent "stinkiness"... Left her in the living room with Isaac to watch TV for maybe 10 minutes or so... and this is what I found. Orange dish soap... everywhere!

My guilt stricken daughter in time out...

Monday, April 6, 2009

For My Epileptic Niece, Sommer

I have a 7 year old niece who was diagnosed with epilepsy roughly one year ago in May of 2008. She is one of the most severe and complicated cases in the USA. I know I will never truley understand what my brother and sister in law are going through and I will never understand or comprehend what little Sommer is going through. There is not much I am able to do but this website that Rachael started finally gave me the opportunity to help them in a small way.

Just a few weeks ago the kids did not have school so Rachael decided she would bring everyone up to my house for a play day. All was well until I recieved a phone call that morning from Rachael to inform me that Sommer had two drop seizures, one of which was on the stairwell. This has become a way of life for Rachael and Brian but for me it is still so hard to comprehend. I'm in shock every time I hear of a seizure (which come in so many forms). Sleep is very vital for Sommer. If she doesn't get the amount of sleep she is in need of then the siezures are more likely to occur, even on medication. Sommer is an amazing little girl that deserves to have her childhood back. Please take the time to view this website and if you are unable to contribute financially then please contribute with your prayers.