Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Advice Please...

Hello fellow bloggers
As you all know we have a new little one in our home. We are in love with him of course. He's already beginning to get little rolls on his legs. He holds his head up great when he's awake and loves to look around. He hardly ever cries and when he does it's more like a whimper. However today I did get to hear him really exercise his lungs when strapped in his carseat... he's not a fan of being strapped in. I don't blame him.
~ ~ ~
He LOVES to nurse and because of this love of his, my milk came in by day 4 (with my others it took over a week). My others also loved their binkies (which both of them had by day 2 of their lives). However Carter has no desire to suck on a binky whatsoever. Occassionally we can get him to take it if we hold it in his mouth long enough, but it doesn't stay in his mouth long after we let go. The only one he has somewhat tolerated is a latex MAM. I've tried several others and he just spits at them, chews on them, or cries. Now I'm most definetly not opposed to the "no binkies"... however it's causing as slight problem for me at night time.
~ ~ ~
With my older two I co slept. However down the road... well not so good having a 2 year old and 5 year old still wanting in your bed. Anyhow, I decided I did not want to co sleep with Carter for that very reason... it's almost impossible to get my kids out. So we've been attempting the whole bassinette ordeal. First few nights not so bad... but the last couple of nights have been a little more rough. We swaddle him and I nurse him to sleep... lay him in his bassinette and within minutes he's fussing (and sometimes crying). I nurse him back to sleep again and within minutes he's fussing again. I feel like I am non stop nursing and it would just be nice if he would take a binky because then I think he would actually stay in his bassinette. I'm really not sure what to do now. The last few nights he has ended up in our bed by morning and I really really really don't want to make this a habit. I am just so exhausted and frustrated at night that I give in.
~ ~ ~
So I would absolutley LOVE any and all advice that you may have for getting him to sleep in his bassinette without fussing. I'd even settle for him sleeping at least an hour! But without a binky... I'm just not seeing this happening.


SP said...

By 6 weeks the sleeping and eating are a little more regular and I put my kids in their crib. I'm a mean mom though and think if they're really hungry they'll cry. Plus I can't sleep if I even hear a little peep out of them so it helps me sleep better if they're not in the room. It may have been even earlier I put Violet in her crib.

Oh, and my girls never used pacifiers. Violet likes her fingers and Ava liked a binky but I took it away by 6 mos. When they got to be a month or so old they knew how to suck on one, but definitely not at first.

Good luck!

Jenny Ramsey said...

keep trying with the binky...sometimes it takes a while. also, have you ever read "the happiest baby on the block"? i am so anti-parenting books but there is a swaddling method in there that i LOVED and it works so well. it had suzy to sleep within 10 minutes EVERY time. it's different than the way they show you to swaddle at the hospital. anyway, it really helped with getting suzy on a schedule. i wish i had it for the boys.