Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Deer for Carter

For those of you who are "anti-hunters" just ignore this post. But if you've ever eaten a cheeseburger then no complaining about these pictures- someone had to kill that cow too. Anyhow, Doug's plan of Carter arriving on opening day did not go as planned but ever since the birth Doug has wanted to shoot a deer in Carters honor. (I know... kinda sick but at the same time, kinda sweet). Well tonight was Doug's lucky night!

With the help of doe urine (yes, store bought)... Doug was able to lure in this 7 point buck.

In honor of our newborn son Carter.

Last year we were able to put Bella on top of the deer Doug got but this year Bella wouldn't go near it unless Doug was right by her side. And no, that gun is not loaded...

One day Isaac hopes to claim a buck just like his Dad.


Elam's said...

Nice... one day Isaac hopes to have a boy so he can take him hunting! We'll have to wait until the next baby for that! P.s. Love Carter's camo outfit!

Tonia said...

Ewww for me! Yeah for Doug! I'm not anti-hunting when the animal is intended as food for the family. I'm anti-hunting when the intention is not to eat the animal, but to kill for the thrill. I know you will eat this cute little buck, so it is justified and it's a good skill for Doug to have if he ever really needs to provide for his family.