Thursday, November 6, 2008


Finally! I have been trying for a week to upload halloween pictures. I really really need a new computer/internet. Anyhow- there are so many others I was hoping to post but due to a lack of time, these are the shots I was able to upload.

Isaac decided to be Batman this year. He actually made this decision back in the beginning of September when we saw the costume in the toy section. He had a blast trick or treating. This was the first year that he didn't want to hitch a ride in the wagon. He trecked the whole way with the rest of the cousins.

Doug unfortunatley did not dress up this year. Party pooper... he did however dress up like a geek at his mom's halloween party. I'll have to post that photo another day. I had a single shot of Bella that I kept trying to post but no matter what size I made it, it just wouldn't upload. This is probably the last year that I had a choice in her costume, so I chose Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. A friend of mine had given me the blue dress (not even meant as a Dorothy costume) and then I found the red shoes at Target. Cheapest halloween costume ever!

I must admit, the shoes really did make the outfit and Bella still loves to wear them everywhere.

This is a sad, sad, sad photo. Oh so big... and I can now see that in the last few weeks my face has started to get chunky (something I was hoping to avoid all together). Such is life I suppose. Anyhow- as you can see I decided to be a pumpkin. When out trick or treating I recieved a few crazy comments. First was passing the neighbors house (my parents neighbor), they called out "Tenille, is that real???" Ha! Funny! And then shortly after that I had a woman stare at my stomach ask when I was due and after I said two weeks, she replied with "wow, you just look miserable!" Oh my goodness, that is just something you do not tell someone who is in their last month of a pregnancy. Overall we had a great halloween. We have so many other "halloween" pictures from the holiday that I will hopefully make into a slideshow and post on here another day.


Tonia said...

You don't look miserable, you look adorable with a huge grin upon your face!!!!! How exciting!!!! Instead of counting down the days until your due date you should count down the days until Thanksgiving because by Thanksgiving your little munchkinlander (I'm reading Wicked) will have arrived and life will be swell!