Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baby Norton

Carter Douglas Norton
November 14, 2008
8:18 pm
9lbs 7oz
21 1/2 inches

Guest Post by Trina
Mom and Baby will be home on Sunday.


The Dalton Family said...

Yay!!! Only a day late. Congratulations he is just beautiful. Aww I can't wait for our little bundle of joy to arrive. It looks like all went well. Sending you some love from Alaska.

Tonia said...

Yeah!! He's a cutie Tenille and you look so awesome in all your post baby pictures. I always look like I just got run over by a truck!!!

Kristin said...

Trina I'm glad that you were able to post the pictures here for her friends to see. I just took pictures of the girls with him today in his camo outfit. Of course he has to have camo on on opening day.

The Jones Family said...

Awww He's soo sweet!! Definately looks like a Norton! So lucky! Love you girl!

Wendi said...

Yea! Congrats--he definitely is a Norton. I am glad all went well for both of you.

Emily*Scott*Logan said...

Carter is soooo cute!! We all think he looks like Doug. Congratulations!
Love, Scott, Emily, and Mom

Jenny and Jeremy said...

He is so beautiful!! Congratulations! And you look amazing by the way!