Monday, November 17, 2008

Home At Last

We're finally home! Thank you to my wonderful family members for posting all the great pictures and slides (you can view slideshows on their blogs- which I'll try to post on here). It is so awesome to finally have Carter out of my belly and in our arms! He's a great baby and very content.

Friday morning I went in for my regular check up to discover that on the doctors charts they have been considering my due date November 14th the entire time. Which makes his arrival all the more crazy. That morning (after a long debated friendly argument with my doctor) he convinced me to get my membranes stripped saying I'd probably go into labor within 1-2 days. Well, one hour later I was at my sisters to pick up my kids and the contractions started right up. They stayed 3-5 minutes apart and so my sister requested I stick around before heading home. After about an hour of that she started calling people, including my other sister Trina who came to get my kids. I knew Doug was on a job that really needed to be finished so I didn't want to call him or go into the hospital. Finally Kristin and Trina convinced me I really was in labor and I called Doug. Kristin drove me to the hospital where we were met by Doug and my parents.

The contractions continued to be every 2-4 minutes apart... hardly any pain at all. I was moved into a laboring room and still felt as though I wasn't really in labor. Amidst texting family of our hospital news I jokingly sent a text to my sister in law Rachael telling her he already arrived and was 10lbs 3oz. She believed me yet once she realized it wasn't true she sent back a text that said "May painful contractions be upon you..." And just as though she was using some type of witchcraft, my contractions literally changed night and day and I was in tears because they were so painful! This happened within minutes of her text at 5:30. That's when labor flew right along... I asked for an epidural by 6pm but they were so insanely busy I didn't recieve it until 7:20pm.

The epidural worked on the pain of the contractions but I still felt every single ounce of pressure from Carters head... that pain was insane. However that lasted less then an hour... after 15 minutes of pushing out he came. He weighed in at 9 pounds 6.8 ounces (so they rounded up) and 21 and half inches. His head measured at 14.4 inches... much smaller then Bella's!

I feel as though I have been glowing ever since that last push that got him out. It feels WONDERFUL to no longer be pregnant and finally see the beautiful product of all that pain I endured. He is amazing and sleeps great compared to my last two. I will be sure to post more pictures as the week goes on. Thank you so much for all of the support I have recieved from everyone. And to those of you who are still pregnant- best of luck on your journey. I'll be thinking about you and praying for you!


Court said...

Yea! Congratulations!

SP said...

Awwww!! There's nothing like the feeling of getting that baby OUT! Hopefully we'll be in the PG club soon, but not yet. Congrats. I can't wait to see you and meet Carter. Love ya!