Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yes, it is true... I am only 16 weeks along. However the belly is already huge. I must clarify something though... half of that belly is leftover fat from my last two pregnancies and the other half is baby. Before getting pregnant I had mastered the skill of sucking in my post pregnancy fat... I looked like I had a nice flat stomach, while all along I could have let go and it would have looked disgusting. However... around week 10 or 11 of this pregnancy I was no longer able to suck in. My face would turn blue if I tried. So I just let it all hang out. The first few of those weeks were miserable because I still just looked fat, but now... it actually looks like a pregnant belly (wether it is 100% or not, I don't care because it finally looks like it!). A few more months and I will post another belly shot... be prepare though- I get huge! Oh and isn't Bella so cute... the picture was supposed to be of me, but she saw the camera and squeeled a cute little "CHEESE!" Gotta love kids.

One more exciting little tid bit... I have finally felt the baby move! It is the best feeling in the world. I questioned myself the last week or so... but now I know I am feeling the baby. Puts a smile on my face every time. Now I just can't wait for the ultrasound! Carter or Alauna... soon we will know.


The Dalton Family said...

Oh you are an adorable pregnant lady. I am so glad this one is going so well. Looking forward to more pictures and news. Take care girl.

Tonia said...

You look so cute! You have breasts! Are those pregnancy breasts or do you really own those? All I have left now that I'm done nursing is SKIN!!! Oh the price we woman pay!

Nicole Bridges said...

Oh my Tenille, remember me...I see that you have darling children and another one on the way! Your family's so cute! Shoot me an email sometime its been a long time! My email address is
Take care!

Emily*Scott*Logan said...

You are so cute and Bella too! Scott and I just loved the pics of Isaac and Bella. We are excited to see you guys soon!