Thursday, May 1, 2008

Healthy Heartbeat!!!

This morning I went in for my regular 12 week check up. Still so nervous, so scared, so doubtful. It's amazing the emotions that run through someone who has experienced miscarriages before. So hard to get excited, so hard to feel relaxed. Of course as I enter the 2nd trimester my nerves should calm down... I hope they do. For today though- I'm feeling great. And for the first time in this pregnancy I finally felt EXCITEMENT. It's so sad that it took me this long to feel that way, almost makes me want to cry.
Today as I layed there on the table, Dr. Ritten put the doppler on my tummy and I heard the loud beating heart of my tiny little baby... it was so beautiful, so uplifting. I almost wanted to cry. I think there are many women who take for granted a healthy pregnancy, or even a pregnancy at all. I'm greatful for the miscarriages I have had... it has made my other "full term pregnancies" all the more special and all the more rewarding. I'm greatful that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with the ability to carry a child within my own womb. I would take on these emotions and complications any day, rather then not be able to have a child of my own.
I know that I am very blessed.
Today is a happy day and I just wanted to share it with those of you stopping in to check on us. Hope your day is as happy as mine.


Tonia said...

I'm glad you're feeling good! I know that feeling of anticipating the heart beat oh too well....I was always so nervous! I'm so grateful for dopplers-can you imagine pregnancy before these wonderful little tools!??!

Diane said...

Tenille, this section brought tears to my eyes. Our prayers are with you for a healthy, happy little one. Love, D