Thursday, May 1, 2008

Where's the current Pictures???

Well, let me tell you... I would LOVE to share our current updated photos for you. However, that is just my battle right now. First off, my computer is so slow and damaged it will not let me upload the ones I already have on the computer. Secondly, my digital camera broke (for the 2nd time)... wiping out yet another memory card with over 300 pictures on it. For those who don't know, this happened back in the fall... losing valuable pictures such as Isaac's first day of school, Isaac's field trips, first snow fall, 4th birthday etc. I cried- I was so upset. Now here I am over 6 months later and BAM! it happened again. More valuable pictures stuck on a memory card that I cannot access. There is a man I can take my memory cards to (who can possibly recover my lost photos)... but I'm so scared to hear the price. Doug says if it is more then the camera was... well, lets just say it won't be good. So- I apologize that there are no new or wonderful pictures on this blog. Mothers Day will be a beautiful day if I recieve what I've been praying for. I supposed you'll all just have to wait until then to see spring photos of my little family. Until then... enjoy the words without pictures.


Tonia said...

If your camera broke, your chip should still have all the pictures on it. I don't understand?!?