Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Love & Attitude

They really do love eachother! I must share that the majority of my days consists of these words "Isaac- quite aggravating your sister", "Isaac- be nice to your sister, quit making her cry", "Bella- don't pull Isaac's hair", "Bella- no biting!"... and I could go on and on and on. For some weird reason, my kids LOVE to fight. It is very very rare for them to actually happily play together more then 10 minutes. One of them always ends up in tears. So just last week I decided to try and capture them during the best time of day- the morning. This is when they love eachother. This special time only lasts roughly an hour or so (if I'm lucky). I was so excited when I captured this cute picture. Although they are in their goofy pj's... they are smiling, arms around eachother, and simply look happy to have each other. I love it!

Now is the "attitude". This is the look we get to see when Bella does not like what we tell her to do. Sometimes we can also get her to give this look on command by saying "Bella, where's your mean face?" This is only half of the face... usually it's much worse. But finally caught on camera for all to see.


Trina said...

What a sweet picture of the two of them. Isn't it nice to know that they really do love eachother. Siblings just having a funny way of showing it. My kids act the same way. You would think our kids were related. (Ha Ha)
I love the look on Bella's face. I don't think I have actually seen that one yet. How cute!

SP said...

hiii tenille! I'm so happy i finally found your blog. your belly is so beautiful, i love it!!! also, this face totally looks familiar. i'll read your blog often :) we miss you guys!

Elams said...

Sounds like my two girls - thought Adilee (the 20 mth old) is the one that bullies the most! Kids - aint they fun?! Well you look super cute and pregnant! xx