Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bella's Birthday Party

Our little Bella turned two on April 9th and we were able to have a fun family party for her at Jeeper's Indoor Amusement Park. All the kids loved the rides, games, and pizza. Much more fun then hanging out at our house with crappy weather. Of course I had to throw some type of theme into her party, so Aunt Trina helped me bake a "beautiful" Princess Castle cake. That was quite fun... the hard parts I left up to Trina. Bella also enjoyed opening all her "girlie" presents: (the above picture is of shoes from Uncle James), dress up clothes, baby dolls, baby doll accessories, and much more. There are several other photos from her party you can view at the Mapley Family website under "Bella's Party".


Tonia said...

Love all the pictures. Can't wait for Bella and Brooklyn to get to do some cousin bonding-however they choose-playing, hitting, fighting, etc.

Emily*Scott*Logan said...

Happy Birthday to Bella! She is so pretty. ;)