Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bella's Swim Class

When Bella was a baby she was afraid of the water. She would cry when we'd stick her feet in. This lasted up until she was about a year old. Then we signed her up for swim classes. Since taking swim classes she has become a little water baby and loves to splash and play. This semesters class is coming to a close, so I had Aunt Kristin come and take a few pictures. She also takes a gym class just before swimming. But that is more a giant play time... she gets to run around with other kids and climb in the tunnel, go down the slide, play with bouncy balls, and walk the balance beams. I'll update those photos another day.

In order to get kids to have less fear of the water, they teach them to blow bubbles (this getting part of the face in the water). Eventually it leads to blowing "Submarine Bubbles" which is when the whole face goes in the water. Bella is working on that one, but isn't quite ready.

And lastly... the last 10 minutes of class they always let the kids pick a toy to play with. Bella always seems to pick the orange ball to play with. We usually throw it and she swims after it with my help. Practicing her "kick, kick, kick" and "reach & pull". For the most part she only does those two things in the bath time and not at swim class... little stinker.


Tonia said...

Looks like fun Tenille!