Monday, February 9, 2009

One Pound At A Time

Okay, so I weighed in yesterday... a loss of one pound. Better then a gain... but I know I can do even better. Just got to get control of the snacking and put some fitness into my schedule. I'm just plain old lazy. I'm staying positive though. The pic on my fridge really helps me... I want to be that cute sexy vibrant girl again. I'm only 26!

The chocolate was the killer this week. I just wanted chocolate. And not just a little bit, but allot. Today is the start of a new week. I can do this... I can lose 46 pounds!


Court said...

I heard some great tips, here you go:

1. Write down why you want to lose weight and read them in the morning and at night and any time you feel cravings coming on.

2. Tell yourself that you are healthy instead of I want to be. Healthy people make good choices and are in control. If you tell yourself through out the day "I AM HEALTHY" you will make smart choices. It works.

I'm starting weight watchers Friday, so I'll be right there with you! Be glad you lost one pound, that's one pound of butter you're not carrying around anymore and it all adds up! Great Job!

Tenille said...

Thank you Courtney! GREAT TIPS TOO! I didn't do so hot yesterday... and funny (kinda gross) my body knew it and ejected it all pretty quickly this morning. But I feel great now... new start, new day. I'm going to do great today and tomorrow and all week! Thanks again!

Tonia said...

Every pound or fraction of in the right direction feels good. Good job!

Justin said...

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