Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some Great Advice

I have a wonderful and amazing sister in law who is always there to build me up, support me, and be such an amazing friend. When she read my blog about taking a "before" picture of my chubby self (and read that I was going to post it for myself as motivation)... she reminded me that it wasn't a very positive motivation. Basically the law of attraction. If I say "I will not be fat" then of course I'm left thinking that last word... fat. But if I say "I will be skinny again". Wow, what a difference. So anyhow, I took her advice and dug out this old photo of me. This is about a year and half before I got married (senior year of high school getting ready for Prom). Yes, I know... not very modest but this is extremely modest compared to some of my other senior year pictures. Anyhow, I posted this picture on my fridge at about 2pm today and it has already done me wonders! When I go to the fridge or cupboard for a snack I see the picture and change my mind. Thank you so much Rachael for your WONDERFUL advice! Love you lots!


Trina said...

Cute picture Tenille. I can't believe you were aloud to dress so immodest.J/K

Tonia said...

Are you trying to be sexy baring your shoulder? Dude! My girls will never go out of the house looking like that! Just kidding!

Kristin said...

That is a great idea!