Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm In Love!

Oh yes, I love my husband dearly... but right now I am so in love with my baby.
No matter what little face this kid gives me... my heart melts and I just want to snuggle him and hug him and kiss him. Can ya blame me???






These pictures were captured while he sat next to me by the computer desk. He loves attention. The first few photos are how he looks so long as I keep talking to him and looking at him every once in awhile. The last two pictures are how he looks when I "ignore" him for more then 5 minutes. Too cute!


Trina said...

Awww...great pictures you were able to capture with all his expressions. He's SO CUTE!!!!

Tonia said...

I love the happy faces, but honestly those sad faces are oh so cute!!!!

The Jones Family said...

Hee hee! Aww I love hearing mommies talk about their little ones.. Kendra sent me the cutest email about how often she "squeeks" because she is so in love with her little baby. She says its so hard to explain but you get butterflies in your stomach and are just soo in love with your baby.. I can't wait for that feeling with my little boy! :)