Friday, December 19, 2008

Wrestling Practice

Well I finally made it out to one of Isaac's wrestling practices. It was great to watch him... finally realizing how much he really does love it. I'm gradually learning the wrestling terms; such as crossface, double leg, single leg, drive, etc. Doug keeps reminding me that one day I will be one of the moms sitting in the stands who just can't contain herself screaming at the top of my lungs. I guess if Isaac can learn to love wrestling, then so can I. I'm just really excited that him and Doug have a passion for the same thing. It's fun to watch them at night in the living room practicing moves too!

Little Bella had fun watching Isaac as well. She made a friend that night too (another little girl her age). Maybe future mat rats?

Here is Isaac getting some advice from his coach while he tries to take down his wrestling buddy Joey.

As for this picture below... don't ask. I don't know... other then maybe that wrestlers need to be flexible. Good job little guy doing a twist!


Trina said...

LoL, that last picture is funny. I think Bella needs a little Cheerleader outfit for Christmas.

Tonia said...

Cute pictures!!! Has he practiced any of his moves on Bella?

Tenille said...

unfortunatley YES!