Monday, December 8, 2008

~ Crazy Eights ~

I was tagged by Sierra with Crazy Eights

1. Post Rules to your blog
2. Answer the six "8" items
3. Tag 8 other people

8 FAVORITE SHOWS: 1) Criminal Minds 2) CSI 3) CSI: New York 4) Cold Case 5) NCIS 6) Law & Order: SVU 7) Law & Order: Criminal Intent 8) America's Next Top Model

8 THINGS I DID YESTERDAY: 1) Curled my hair 2) Attended Church 3) Listened to Doug giving Carter a blessing 4) Visited with family during a luncheon after church 5) Changed Poopy diapers 6) Nursed a newborn several times 7) Attended a birthday celebration for Doug's dad 8) Took photos of the newest Norton babies

8 THINGS I LOOK FORWARD TO: 1) Christmas time with Family 2) Playing card games and board games during the holiday 3) The Summer! 4) A trip to St. George in March 5) Getting SKINNY! 6) Fitting into my wardrobe 7) Not being sick 8) Things calming down

8 FAVORITE RESTAURANTS: 1) Olive Garden 2) Italia Gardens 3) Big Boy 4) The Farmhouse 5) Bob Evans 6) Lucky's Steakhouse 7) Isola's Bistro 8) Mancino's

8 THINGS ON MY WISHLIST: 1) A girly hoodie sweatshirt 2) A fossil watch 3) A complete set of bedroom furniture 4) Gift card to IKEA 5) A trip to a warm climate area during the yucky winter months of Michigan 6) A membership to a place the delivers healthy meals to your doorstep so you can lose weight 7) My upstairs fully painted in the colors I have chosen 8) A Maid Service

8 PEOPLE TO TAG: 1) Trina 2) Kristin 3) Tonia 4) Mom 5) Courtney M. 6) Jenny R. 7) Holly D. 8) Cecilia


Trina said...

Your 8 Favorite shows are my favorite too. So don't think I just copied yours when I post my Tag later. Haha

Tenille said...

Nice! I kept thinking... don't I like anything except criminal shows??? Guess not! Other then modeling!