Friday, September 5, 2008

Isaac's Big Day

Isaac was able to finally start what he calls "Big Kid School" on Wednesday. He was so excited that he woke up at 6:30am asking if it was time to get on the bus.

Of course little Bella wanted to be in the pictures as well. She seemed just as excited as Isaac. In fact when we were heading outside at the end of the day to get Isaac off of the bus she kept saying "My turn now". Poor little girl has quite a ways to go before she's heading off to big kid school.

Now you tell me, does he look like he's only 4? So many people ask me if he is 6. He's a big kid for his age. Yesterday we figured out he is 47 inches tall and weighs 55 pounds. This continues to make me question if we should have put him in Kindergarden... his preschool teachers seemed to think he would have done wonderful. Hopefully we made the right decision doing Early Fives.

Isaac loves his new teacher, Mrs. Christian. He said that she is super nice and never mean. (I have yet to remind him that he's only been in school for 2 days... so we'll see.)

When I asked Isaac what his favorite part about school was, he replied "Riding the bus to and from school." As you can tell by his giant grin he LOVES the bus. I had the camera all ready when he was waiting for the bus but he ran so quickly when the doors opened I didn't get any good pictures. Luckily I drove to the school and was able to arrive before the buses to capture this shot.


Trina said...

I love all the cute pictures of the first day of school. He'll be just fine in Early 5's. I think you made the right decision, because of his age not his size. I'm sure it was a tough one, but Michigan is the only state that I know of that has a Dec. 1st cute off line. It should be Sept.1st, like every other state.

Emily*Scott*Logan said...

How fun! He looks so handsom and happy too. I can't believe that you only have 64 days left until your due date too. That is just around the corner. Miss you guys!