Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy News!

After my negative post from yesterday, I am incredibly happy to report that the work situation with Doug has taken a change for the better. Woohoo!! Last night (just after publishing that ever so negative post) Doug came home and announced that he will no longer be doing that job 2 hours away. Another company was able to take on the job for the same price allowing my sweet hubby to find local jobs until this baby comes. He made my day with that announcement! Now we just need all your prayers that he is capable of getting local jobs to keep the company financially supported... I guess some gratitude actually does pay off!


Cecilia Maughan said...

that's so great!!!! I'm glad you got to end the day on a happy note too! Some days you just have to go to bed and know things will be better in the morning...well, i don't remember if that works when you are pregnant and don't really sleep all night long. anyway! good luck with the last few weeks!

Tonia said...