Monday, August 18, 2008

Tag Your It!

I am: Tenille
I know: my family will be together forever
I want: a long tropical relaxing vacation!
I have: the most beautiful family
I wish: I could jump to November
I hate: the fact that I'm addicted to junk food and love to snack... horrible horrible habit
I miss: Grandpa Mapley- his silly comments always brought laughter into the room
I fear: losing my children or husband
I feel: exhausted, drained, tired, huge, and so very ready for school to start for Isaac
I hear: my kids playing
I smell: a very unclean house- should've cleaned before blogging!
I crave: oh a little bit of everything- a ranch salad from Big Boy with eggs, cheese, & ham
I search: for ways of making my family life a little better, a little more stable, a little more organized
I wonder: what this new little baby will look like, will he have the same hyper personalities as my first two or will he be my quiet reserved child (like Doug was as a kid... hiding in cupboards)
I regret: being mean to my hubby when he didn't deserve it
I love: Doug, Isaac, Bella, and little unborn Carter
I care: about everyone else's happiness- sometimes forgetting about my own
I always: watch way too much tv- just to unwind during my day
I am not: fulfilling my role as wife and mother to the best of my abilities. I know I can do so much better and intend to start doing so
I believe: children follow or examples and not our words
I dance: ummmm never! I'm a horrible dancer and to be quite honest don't enjoy it the slightest bit
I sing: usually only during church (sacrament meeting hymns). I do miss singing solos and duets... I need to do that more often.
I fight: with myself. My emotions are controlling me way too much with this pregnancy
I write: on paper? it's rare and I need to do it more often. I used to be great about journaling
I lose: the fight to refrain from eating junk food
I win: during almost every argument between Doug and I. He gives in way to easily and just knows he's better off to let me win (or let me think I win)
I never: eat seafood- gag me!
I listen: -yeah this one has me stumped.... sorry
I am scared: of someone trying to snatch away my beautiful kids
I need: more time to sleep, Bella out of our bed so I can sleep, Isaac to sleep through the night again without getting "scared" or "hot" or "cold", my kids to sleep in past 7.... and on and on and on....
I am happy about: where my life has ended up. I am so very blessed to be surrounded by family both immediate and extended, to have the gospel and be actively involved in the Gospel, to have a husband who loves me unconditionally, and to have 2 and half children who are absolutley amazing. I am blessed

I TAG: Tonia, Trina, & Kristin!


Trina said...

Thanks for Tagging me. I'll be sure to post mine soon.