Monday, August 18, 2008

A Personal Battle

Since childhood I have consistently carried with me a bad habit: unhealthy eating. I have always favored junk food, candy, fast food, and desserts over the healthier choices such as fruits, vegetables, and baked meats. During my childhood and youth this problem did not phase me because I had an amazing metabolism that worked so quickly. I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and still mantain a very small physique (and that was also without much physical fitness).

When Doug and I married in December of 2002 I weighed roughly 120lbs, wore size 2 pants, and size small shirts. However something happened once I got pregnant with my son. My metabolism slowed down (I'm sure both due to age and pregnancy). I gained 47 pounds during that pregnancy (and my son was born a month early). I only lost about 15 of that before getting pregnant with my second child, Bella. During her pregnancy I really let myself go. I took on the attitude of many pregnant woman... "I'm pregnant- I'll eat whatever I want and lots of it!". This unwise decision led to the pregnancy weight gain of 56 pounds- most of that weight went straight to my butt and my thighs (I have millions of stretch marks to prove the quick growth of those areas).

After her birth I realized I was no longer a 19 year old with an amazing metabolism. It finally hit me that I had to eat healthy in order to maintain a healthy physique (or at least the physique I was so used to). So I joined Weight Watchers. I did so well at first- and shed so much weight. But of course I had my moments: gorging on weight watchers candies and ice cream treats. Eventually when I hit my "goal" (which was not my ultimate goal but merely a realistic goal) I started to stray from the plan and picked up my bad habits all over again.

Fortunatley I did not pack on the pounds like I did while pregnant. However I remain much "thicker" then I'd like to be and of course what's most important to me now- how unhealthy my insides are. I want to be a healthy eater. I want to be toned and in shape- not necessarily a little twig that weighs nothing but simply healthy. Of course I'd also love to look similar to what I did on my wedding day as well. I think that's only normal though- everyone wants to look like they did at their thinnest adulthood weight. My current weight may seem perfect to some but for me I know what I was and what I can be and therefore that is what I desire.

I'm entering my 7th month of this pregnancy and I've gained roughly 20 pounds to date. Not so bad considering my past pregnancy weight gains. But it's the last two months of my pregnancies that I lose it and the pounds rack up. So I've decided to take on a challenge from my older sister Tonia. Although she may disagree she is the epitomy of health. She goes to the gym several times a week, watches what she eats, participates in plenty of physical activity and looks amazing! With that said I figured she would be the perfect coach for me to get back to where I'd like to be.

The challenge begins September 1st and along with this challenge I intend to also include healthy eating and phsyical fitness (even after the baby is born). Ready for the challenge: I will be giving up fried foods, soda pop, and the most heartbreaking one... chocolate- all of these for an entire YEAR. Some of you think I'm crazy, and maybe I am. I'm sure I'll have my moments but I've got to start somewhere right? I need to take control of myself and my body- I'm only 25 but some days I feel like I'm over 50. So wish me luck on this crazy endeavor. I'll be sure to post concerning my "personal battle". I feel as though the "real fight" will begin in January after I hit the 6 week post partum mark and can start kicking butt in the gym. In the mean time I figured I better get the good habits started now before those crazy unhealthy holidays arrive!


Cecilia Maughan said...

good luck! you can do it! especially with your sister as a coach.

Trina said...

Good luck Tenille! I'm still trying to decide if I can take on the challenge. I know I could do without a lot of the stuff Tonia mentioned, just not sure about the chocolate. That one will be hard.

Tonia said...

Woo hoo! I am so excited to do this. I love a new challenge and can't wait to start. Is there anything else we should add to our list? Any suggestions?

Court said...

I know you can do it Tenille! I'm right there with you (not pregnant) but trying to adapt a healthier lifestyle...I don't think we helped each other so much in college...remember the box of junk food we hid under your bed?! Oh my! Good Luck!!!

Ramseys said...

you have will of steel. good luck girl, i know you can do it!!

jamie said...

hi tenille-i'm glad you found my blog-i always tell cecilia if it weren't for her i would know nothing about anyone i used to know in college- anyhow i can't believe you are going to give up chocolate for a year -good for you i was lucky with gracie and just gained the right amount of weight you were suppose to -but after i had her i didn't know how to lose weight because i never had had to before anyhow so it took my a few months but then by the time gracie was a year i was back to my normal weight-but i have to admitt getting older makes it harder i feel like i have to go to the gym every day just to stay a normal size-unlike when we were in college and i only needed to go a few times -but you are a good motivation for me because i keep saying i need to go back to the gym but then i always have some excuse why it won't work that day -anyhow good luck