Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bitter Sweet

This past Sunday, as I sat in sacrament meeting tears rolled down my cheeks. After almost 2 years in the young women's organization (1 year and 3 months of that as yw president)- I was released. For those of my blog readers who are not LDS (Mormon): I am no longer running the female youth group at my church. As many of you know I put my heart and soul into that calling. I loved working with the youth with every inch of my being. I bonded with each and every girl and built great relationships with each of them. I had so much fun being their leader. I have this horrible habit of putting 110% into my callings. With young womens I did that and more.
I never really had a functioning presidency and that was always difficult on each of us that served the young women. However this past summer was rough. My sister in law and dearest friend Rachael was released as my 1st counselor because of family issues she needed to tend to at home (sweet 7 year old daughter diagnosed severe epileptic). Once I lost her, I felt as though I lost my rock and backbone. So roughly a month ago I asked to be released this fall before I have the baby. However I was surprised a week ago Sunday to learn they would be releasing me a few months before I had expected. I was saddened, shocked, and just unsure what to think.
However, now that I no longer have that responsibility on my shoulders I am finally beginning to realize why I was released so soon. My little family has sadly been neglected the last few years and they need me so much. Each day that passes the bitterness of the release leaves and the sweetness enters in. I'm excited to reorganize my home life instead of organizing the young women's program! I have yet to recieve my next calling and I'm learning to enjoy that fact that right now, I can be 100% ... no I mean 110% devoted to my family.


Trina said...

Sorry to hear the sad news. I'm sure you will feel better about it once the baby is born. Maybe your calling will be a Full Time Mom for a little bit, which is just fine. Sometimes that's all we need.

I love the new pictures you put on. They look awesome.

SP said...

aww you're so cute. i know how your life suddenly becomes a teenager's life though. we just got a new presidency but thankfully im still in YW as secretary. our pres. before was totally disfunctional too for some reason.

Tonia said...

So sorry about your calling. I know that feeling. You know it's time, but it's still so hard. Since you now have some free time-I would love a cd of the pictures you took. I saw some in your slide shows that I would love. I love the one of Bella trying to hug Brooklyn........TRYING being the keyword.

Wendi said...

I can relate! It is definitely bittersweet. But you did a fantastic job, and the girls have been blessed for it. And I don't doubt that at some point, your turn will come around again! :P Who is the lucky one now?

Tenille said...

Kim Smart! Always knew she'd end up back in young womens. 1st Counselor is Karen Morrey (new move in that Kim knows from past ward) and Nicole Stapp (another new move in). They'll be a really great presidency for the girls. I'm definetly happy to pass it off to them.