Friday, June 27, 2008

Away from the Blogging world

Hello Blog readers- it's been awhile since my last post. Things have been crazy lately. Our internet was down for a few days and before that we went on a little vacation with the kids to Kings Island in Ohio. We had a blast and the kids just loved every bit of it (except of course the 5 hour drive). I'll be sure to post pictures soon of that little trip. For now words will have to do.

I officially hit the half way mark and am now 20 weeks pregnant! Carter is doing great. He loves to wiggle and squirm so much at night time. Maybe because that is the time of day I seem to eat my sweet treats or junk food... I lied- I eat that all day. My tummy continues to grow and clothes are finally looking "pregnant cute". I've been so exhausted and lazy in the last few weeks. All I want to do is SLEEP... which is absolutley impossible with a 4 year old and 2 year old. The nesting phase has barily started to set in. I've been working on landscaping and soon hope to work on the home decor of our upper level.
There's not really much else to update on. I feel like there is a giant pregnancy club right now though. The list just continues to grow: AnnMarie (32 weeks), Rachael (22 weeks), Myself (20 weeks), Emily C. (20 weeks), Talia (7 weeks), and now another great friend Elissa joins the club. Congratulations to all the fellow prego's out there!