Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flying a Russian Fighter Plane

Doug and I had the honor of going up in the air in this amazing fighter plane with our friend, the pilot Steve Morrey. The kids loved sitting in it before take off. Doug loved every minute of it... especially the spirals in mid air. He told Steve to go crazy with me (which Doug should've known better). I had so much fun... up until one last trick that got me sick. Just as we hit the runway to land... my lunch ended up all over the plane. I felt so bad, but Doug and I both had a blast!

Model Rockets

Doug was in love with model rockets when he was a kid. For some reason once he hit his teenage years he found other interests... maybe wrestling, football, and girls??? But now he gets to relive his childhood as he introduces Isaac to the world of model rockets.Bella joined in too. They had fun putting together and launching this one... although it ended up landing in the lake and only was launched once. Hopefully another one will be built soon.

Monday, October 12, 2009

17 and half Norton Grandbabies...

So this past summer we were able to have a little Norton Family Reunion. (Pictures of that will have to be put in slideshow for you later). Unfortunatley Doug's brother and sister (Bonnie & Kevin) couldn't make it... but it was a crazy, fun adventure with our ever growing family.

Jacob, Sam, Emma, Matthew, Jarod, Nathan, Jonathan, Grace, Joshua, Sommer, Brandon, Olivia, Emily, Isaac, Bella, Carter, Logan, and baby boy in Emily's tummy... makes 17 and a half. We tried ever so hard to capture a photo of all the grandbabies with their Meme and Papa. Here's what came out.

Hartwick Pines State Park

In August we decided to be spontaneous and get away for the weekend... Doug had been wanting to go to Hartwick Pines for years now and I finally gave in. It was so beautiful to walk through the woods and the kids had a blast at all the little logging museums and visiting center. They even got to meet Smokey the Bear.

Our Little Carter Man

Carter didn't start out loving bathtime... but he does now. He's so cute!!!


Our summer was filled with T-ball games... Isaac had so much fun and cannot wait until next year.

Summer Fun

Guess what??? I'm updating with photos!!! Yippee.... now I have over 2000 photos I have taken since May (the park pictures on here). So I'm going to pick and choose which to post. Starting with some fun ones from the summer...

The kids spent MUCH of their summer playing with their cousins Kennedy and Grace. They had fun one day making "Chalk Paintings" on the driveway. Messy, but fun and really pretty!