Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flying a Russian Fighter Plane

Doug and I had the honor of going up in the air in this amazing fighter plane with our friend, the pilot Steve Morrey. The kids loved sitting in it before take off. Doug loved every minute of it... especially the spirals in mid air. He told Steve to go crazy with me (which Doug should've known better). I had so much fun... up until one last trick that got me sick. Just as we hit the runway to land... my lunch ended up all over the plane. I felt so bad, but Doug and I both had a blast!


Anne said...

Wow - how exciting! And such terrific updates that I feel inspired to update our blog. Wouldn't that be something! Thanks for sharing. (Carter's post is, of course, my favorite.)

Trina said...

How fun! I remember you mentioning something about this on FB....just not the part of losing your lunch. I'm sure I probably would have lost mine too.

Tonia said...

Way cool Tenille........I don't think I could've done it. You are a brave soul!!!