Monday, April 13, 2009

Park Day on St. Patty's Day

St. Patrick's day was almost a month ago... however I'm just now uploading pictures! Nice weather is VERY rare where we live so we HAVE to take advantage of it when it comes. It just so happened to arrive on St. Patrick's day... the kids where so psyched they didn't have to wear coats. This was one of our first trips back to the park since the fall. They were all full of smiles!

Carter spent most of his time chillin' in his carseat. Quite content so long as he could "sit up" and play with his toys.


Tonia said...

Cute pictures-Carter is getting so big and I still see so much of you in him.......except his cheeks are fatter!

Nena said...

So I am totally blog hopping and came here from Sierra Hocklanders blog. I totally remember you from girls camp 100 years ago :) Your family is beautiful!!

Best Wishes!

Nena (gilbertson) Metcalf